When you have finished your research paper, then you feel relax, but you may leave only one thing that is the title page. It is the crucial aspect which needs and attention. It may not consume lots of time but tell me one thing if it wastes your time then what happens? It may help you in making the title page research paper to score marks. Earning the title page is not difficult, but you may have to consider all the features of the style that your teacher may ask.

In this article, you may have to get some knowledge about how to make a perfect title page for your research report in both styles APA or MLA

Making the page for APA

  • The entire page should be double shaped, and it is essential not for the exception cases. The heading and mane should be written in the one line empty.
  • Set the font at 12-pt by using times new roman font and the margin should be set at 1 inch.
  • The title should be down at 1/3 of the page. Use the return key to move it and can place on two lines if it is too long. Don’t use extra words and make the necessary word capital.
  • It should be vital that you have to write the author name under the title.
  • After the name, there is necessary to add the place where you are doing study. If in such case two authors do their research from another area then there is no need to write.
  • Highlight your text and centering your heading horizontally.
  • Use the running header for making your title.
  • Do not use “p” or “pg” for page number.

A style for MLA pattern

  • Write your name, teacher’s name, university, course, and date.
  • If there are two authors, then use the word “and” to making the name separate.
  • The bottom line should be above the margin that’s why you need to write the class name also.
  • The style of APA should follow in rest of the text.

Thus, it is the process of writing the title page research paper. You can select any one style for making your research report. It seems hard, but it is easy and makes your title page in less than ten minutes if you may understand all the above content.